2021 models only ship in Black.

Fluency VA601i

Compact device created for people with stammers / stutters. Streamline pocket design. Personalised settings.

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The Fluency VA601i uses improved speech technology to deliver a revolutionary solution for people who struggle with stammers / stutters and associated disorders. This device has been recommended by leading audiologists, helping people all over the world.

Since most stammering / stuttering is a disorder related to anxiety the Fluency VA601i design helps you gain greater control over your speech. This is achieved through modified audio feedback which produces an in-ear sound that assists you maintain fluency.

Stammering is unique for each person and for this reason custom programs have been created for you to find your preference with a simple touch of the keypad. Additional support is also available where you can have your device remotely fine-tuned to achieve your optimal settings.

If speaking in public or feeling confident in front of people is a challenge then the Fluency VA601i is the device that can assist you maintain voice-flow while at the same time reduce your anxiety.

Size: Small 97 x 57 x 16mm 100g.

Battery Life: 12 hrs continuous (or 3 to 4 days – typical operation).