Amplifier VA300

Lightweight mobile solution for people with chronic voice strain. Designed for daily use. Convenient waistband clip.

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The Amplifier VA300 uses improved speech technology designed to deliver amplified speech for teachers, coach’s and people who struggle to project their voice. This small mobile device provides an affordable solution for people who suffer with voice strain.

Voice strain affects many people who use their voice repetitively, and unless addressed can result in permanent voice damage. The Amplifier VA300 not only helps you to project your voice – it reduces the risk of damage.

The device comes with a headset microphone which allows soft speech to be collected and amplified, using non-screech technology reducing aggravated feedback. An added feature is its rechargeable battery ensuring full operation throughout the working day.

If you suffer voice strain or have to use your voice regularly, avoid further problems with this powerful voice amplifier.

Size: Small 82 x 104 x 42mm

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