About Us
Founded in 1981 VoiceAmp is a speech technology company supplying unique speech devices worldwide. The company is a leading researcher and developer of specialised technologies aimed at aiding people with speech disorders to improve their fluency and voice projection.

Over the past 15 years VoiceAmp has been analysed by university research programmes run in the United Kingdom, Europe and South Africa. VoiceAmp technology has also been exhibited at international conferences, featured on television and radio programmes and examined in media interviews addressing the role technology plays in alleviating speech disorders. VoiceAmp has appeared in a wide range of newspaper and magazine articles, as well as video postings on the internet.

Research papers and clinical trials have been conducted on the VoiceAmp speech device and published in several international journals.

The VoiceAmp product has been granted approval by medical aids and the Medical Health System in South Africa and the United Kingdom. It is a participant with The IFA and BSA in their drive to help people with speech disorders.

The initial research for VoiceAmp was conducted in 1981 by Alan Falck. Alan is an active developer of technical solutions for industries ranging from medical devices to secure information storage systems. He is a board member of several technology companies and serves as technical director and advisor. Alan’s accomplishments include: trained scientific instrument maker; qualification in Industrial Electronics; recognised technologist and inventor; and, a regular speaker at technology conferences.

User Stories

“I am a 43 year old male … I recall I started stuttering at an early age of 5 and have been living with this ‘ailment’ since then. After many years of speech therapy and self-help speech classes I resigned myself that I would always have this ‘handicap’.

Although I regarded myself as a people’s person, I would always be found cowering in the back ground as I was too afraid to speak to someone new. In 2006 before leaving for Cyprus, I heard about VoiceAmp and was extremely keen to find out about this device and also to test it. …. This amazing device not only helped my speech, but also boosted my morale and self-esteem. I would definitely recommend this to all stutterers.”

Darrel Knight
“I’m 68 years old and do not remember a time that I did not stutter. In fact, one of my earliest memories was a kindergarten teacher asking me a simple question. At that time I didn’t know what stuttering was. All I knew was I couldn’t talk effortlessly like everyone else. So I just shrugged my shoulders at the question and let the teacher think I was stupid or retarded rather than try to talk in front of the class.

On my own, I was never able to capitalize on that concept, so, recently, I was delighted to find that VoiceAmp had developed that technology to a high degree making it both portable and practical”

Mike Swain
“I have just done something that I have not done for a long time. I met an old friend in a noisy Public House and really enjoyed myself and relaxed – I was using the VoiceAmp 601i. Both he and his wife were amazed.

During the last few weeks I have trialled it whilst chairing staff meetings, attending manager meetings, teaching students, appraising staff, using the telephone etc. I am very impressed with the on-going results. I never anticipated the VoiceAmp device to be a quick fix, but the support that it has given my work-based communication has been so appreciated. My self-esteem is smiling.”

Dom Willis
Just an update on my awesome machine… I had my financial presentation this morning and I delivered my report without so much as a hesitation or stutter.

I sometimes feel that it is psychological, but the machine has made a huge impact already. Thanks very much.