Frequently Asked Questions
My device won’t switch on

• If the battery is too low the device won’t switch on. You need to charge the device for at least 30min to switch it on.
• Press the on button firmly to turn on or off.

My device won’t charge

• Check the red light on the charger is on. Ensure the VA601i is turned off before you begin charging. Allow 3-4 hour for full charging.
• Try another charger (Nokia type).

I can’t hear any sound

• The headset isn’t plugged in properly, or it’s plugged into the wrong socket, or the volume is set too low.
The sound is too high or the delay is too long.
• Choose another program, the Green program is the lowest setting. Ask your therapist to adjust the program.

My headset cable is broken

• VoiceAmp ship a spare headset in the box. Nokia HDC-5 are also available from Voda-shops nationwide.

My battery isn’t lasting long

• Ensure the device is switched off when not in use, charge daily for a minimum of 4 hrs.

The earpiece hurts my ear or is uncomfortable after long periods

• Try an earpiece adaptor, (especially for smaller ear ways).
• Order a custom made adaptor, this requires an impression to be made by an audiologist.

How do I adjust the program settings on my device.

Contact your speech therapist to do this. You can download the calibration software from, but you must be trained to get free technical support.

• Your device is supplied with a mini USB cable. Drivers are available from

I hear others speech and noise in my earpiece.

• Choose a program set for noisy environments, ask your therapist to adjust the noise threshold

Software & copyright:
Please note PC software & tools (control panel) is licensed to VoiceAmp and may not be duplicated or distributed to any third party under copyright law. We supply free assessment tools downloadable from our website to assist clients. The firmware (software on the device) and any related PC software including free upgrades are licensed to the original owner of the device only.